BostonYPA was founded in 2003.  Today, BostonYPA's leadership team has grown to a full Board of Directors, which is supported by our Ambassador Team, both comprised of some of Boston's most motivated young professionals.  Our Leadership team stands out for being local, Boston based professionals, committed to strengthening the Boston community through our own connections and expertise.

Vision: To be the premier organization for Young Professionals in Boston

Mission: We create a community in Boston for the Young Professional by:

  • Hosting meaningful networking and social events for young professionals of all levels in Boston

  • Applying our expertise in facilitating professional development opportunities for our membership

  • Building productive external collaborations for maximum benefit

  • Maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality

What We Do!

BostonYPA boasts over 5,500 official members, and 31,000 in our LinkedIn group, and over 100 unique events per year.  BostonYPA just celebrated 14 years (April 2017) and as such, now hosts quarterly gatherings north and west of the city for members working or living outside of Boston. With our foundation built upon events, we host between 8 and 10 per month to help our members have meaningful interactions and expand their contacts.  We offer a wide variety of events which will appeal to a wide range of young professionals; whether your interests are networking, learning something new, or finding new relationships - for business, friendship or professional opportunities.  Official Members of BostonYPA enjoy complimentary events, and exclusive member only privileges.  Each month there are social and professional events that are complimentary to members  while open to the public. 

If you are new to Boston or just looking to meet new friends or professional contacts, BostonYPA events are a great place to meet people. You will not feel out of place if you come alone - most people do! Our events include small, intimate special-interest gatherings and huge, general social extravaganzas.  In organizing social events, we aim to give busy young Bostonians the opportunity to try a variety of activities with their fellow young professionals without having to research and plan the activities themselves. With our professional events we work to connect industry leaders. and thinkers of different fields together for interesting conversations and possible business opportunities.  We work with sponsors and local business to create enriching events and unique experiences.  We celebrate new  opportunities for our members to meet and strengthen their connections.  Through the different types of events we offer, you’ll see friendly faces in different settings, causing business and friendship to often intertwine.  

While we move forward with the ever evolving needs and preferences of our community, we do so while we strive to maintain our number one priority: Creating a Community for the Young Professional in Boston.

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