If there's one thing a lot of people feel today, it's that there's sometimes too much information out there.

There's a term for this now; it's called 'content shock.' It highlights how people who are looking for information online can fall under an overwhelming barrage of content.

Here's the problem though, there's a lot of contradictory information out there.

I've been there, and I bet you have too. It's so easy to fall into a rabbit hole reading post after post, each with different tips and tactics.

That's why I always stick with a handful of trusted sources. When these people give me information about content marketing, I pay attention.

I wanted to share some of my best resources today. Hopefully, you'll find a few that resonate with you too.

Co Schedule's Marketing Strategy Guide

I'm a big fan of Co Schedule. I use a couple of their tools (like the headline analyzer) regularly. And I find their blog and resources to have killer stuff.

In November, they released a massive guide on Marketing Strategy that I recommend to anyone who wants to step up their content marketing game.

You can find it here: Co Schedule Marketing Strategy Guide.

Marketing Profs Blog

If you've moved past the beginner's stage of content marketing and want to dig into the advanced strategies, I highly recommend the Marketing Profs blog.

You can find all sorts of advice on topics ranging from e-commerce to succeeding in Instagram marketing.

You can check that site out there: MarketingProfs.com

Quicksprout's Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

At this rate, I trust anything by Neil Patel. He knows what he's doing, and he spends a lot of time and money on advanced research.

So when I saw this guide on his site, I dug right it. In really walks you step by step on taking your content marketing to the next level. Oh, and his blog is excellent too.

You can find it here: Advanced Guide to Content Marketing.

Jimmy Daly's 5 Days to Better Content Marketing

Jimmy not only runs his site but he also is the guy behind QuickBooks blog as well, so when it comes to speaking to business owners he knows his stuff.

Sign up for his five day email course, and you'll get some invaluable information on how to build your content around a library, not just a blog. It's great stuff.

You can sign up for it here: Content Marketing Course.

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

Unlike a few of my recommendations above, this is a book, not a website, but it's a super easy read and packs a ton of value. It's by one of the co-founders of Marketing Profs Ann Handley.

This book is a must-read for anyone who is writing online. Anne takes you step by step on how you should approach writing for the internet, how to create solid content, and even covers some common grammar errors.

Learn more about the book on Ann’s website.

Sumo Blog

I'm already a big fan of Sumo. I use their marketing tools for my sites, and I've attended a few Sumo events.

But their blog is next level. Each post provides you with an incredible amount of in-depth content with actionable tips and advice. I highly recommend not only reading the site but putting some of their tips to use.

Check out the Sumo blog here.

Marketing School Podcast

You know those podcasts that go on and on for an hour but don't leave you with a ton of takeaways? Well, marketing school is the opposite.

These are quick daily hits, no episode is more than ten minutes long, and most are just five. Each one gets specific on a particular topic and offers real advice and commentary on a topic that business owners are dealing with today.

Take a listen here.

These seven resources should get you started. Remember, it's often way more about quality than quantity when it comes to finding great resources that can actually help improve your brand.

I used to subscribe to a million blogs, podcasts, and newsletters all about content marketing. Now I only pay attention to the information from people I trust.

Even if this list isn't exactly for you, try to do the same. Find resources that have helped you grow your brand and come back to them for more. Everything else? Do a purge and clean up your inbox!