So it's Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon time.  Who doesn't LOVE them a little Kevin Bacon??!!

You may be wondering what Kevin Bacon and letting the proverbial Freak Flag flying.  Well let me set this up for you....

Me, petite big mess of curly hair, feeling stressed to the max on the T.  I'm hitting the wall with life's challenges and there are a bazillion people on the T wearing their annoying back packs on their backs (honestly what is that about?) and refusing to move into the car so that other people can get on and get to where they are going.  It's hot and my internal ability to be NAMASTE is seriously being challenged.

Now most people in this situation would do or of  many things...get visibly angry through body language or being verbal.  Others would start huffing and puffing. What does this girl do???



Yup I start dropping it like it's hot right there on the T.

I literally have no ability to stop myself.  It is like I am Kevin Bacon on the train tracks in this clip of Footloose. (Ok there is the six degrees now. It's all coming together.)

I put on my ear buds, throw on a little Beyoncé and I am lighting up the dance floor that is the crowded T car.


This practice of T dancing began a few years ago when the proverbial sh*t hit the fan at a job that I was working at that was not the right fit.  As I was going through my struggles with the bureaucratic powers that be and sifting through my own fears about what the next steps would be, I began to find that dancing both on the T and while walking down the street became an amazing way of working through the stress.

None of this was EVER planned.  It's not like I thought one day "Hm maybe dancing would help me not go postal."

NO that was not the case.  There was nothing left brain about it.  It was all about my body literally needing to move before I acted out on the feelings of harming someone.  Now I know that doesn't sound very yogic or very mindful but it's the truth.

Letting my Freak Flag Fly on the T became so liberating.  The funniest part about it was watching people in Boston stare at me and sometimes sideways smile as they caught me getting my groove on. We, the people of Boston, are INCREDIBLY uptight.  For a liberal state we are VERY conservative.  Not once have I had anyone want to join in (although that might be the best depending on who it was:)

What is that level of uprightness about People?  Honestly who cares what other people think?  It's so much more socially acceptable here to be verbally or physically aggressive than it is to have some fun dancing in public.  When you think about it that is just totally insane!

We spend all this time working our fingers to the bone, running from here there and everywhere.  Worrying about the future and wasting a way today.

What might it be like to your own Freak Flag Fly?  What would that look like?  Would you wear colors instead of black and grey (GASP!!)  Would you wildly flirt with the guy or girl you have a crush on and let go of the fear they won't like you back? Might you start living more from a place of your own truth than living to please your parents or society?

There are so many ways that we squelch our true authentic selves to live in service of what we think we should be doing or how we believe we should be acting.  And for what?  Who is being pleased by that?  Not us that's for sure.

Life passes us by while we are overly concerned with things that have nothing to do with embracing our own happiness.

Stress is just negative energy building up in the body.  When you move that energy you also relieve your stress. In my therapy practice, I work with clients who are stressed to the max and often stuck in their heads.  My suggestion is always to work on finding ways to be more present in the moment.  And what could be a more fun way to do that than dancing in public?!!

Stress can build up from lots of things.  Holding back your truth and not living your happiest life will certainly bring upon stress.  For me, the more I life closest to who I truly am at the core, the less I am worried about what others will think about it.  Some of my friends tell me it could possibly be good for me to learn how to have "poker face.,"  For me, that feels just fake and much like how a lot of people live.  It would be more stressful for me to be fake than to be authentic.

So whatever it might look for you...


Just let loose and let it all go.

Life is short so start spending it in ways that make your heart feel alive.  Dance, flirt, laugh, be free.  Stress Management does not need to be complicated.  In fact, it's actually pretty simple.....just enjoy your life

And now I invite you to close your eyes and imagine you are on the T with me and let's get on up to get down....


I don't think your ready for this jelly....