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Are you already feeling a little less excited and motivated to achieve your career and business goals? Have you had some setbacks already and lost that initial excitement to make 2017 amazing?

It’s not too late to recommit and accomplish massive results this year. The key ingredient to creating success is in your mind!

That’s right, for you to win this year you must create a thriving mindset.

And no, you don’t have to meditate an hour a day, or run through fire without your clothes on to cultivate it.

Join BostonYPA member and award-winning career and business coach, Hanneke Antonelli, for a workshop where you’ll learn:
The practical steps to creating a winner’s mindset
How to identify and overcome the obstacles that are preventing your success
The easy success mindset formula

As part of the education component of the BostonYPA membership, this seminar is free for members who RSVP in advance.