• Breather Conference Space (map)
  • 87 Wendell Street
  • Boston, MA, 02110
  • United States

**Lunch is Tuesday March 7th**

Let's break up the work week and make the most of your lunch hour! Join us in private conference space near South Station to to meet other professionals, enjoy a catered lunch, and have the chance to introduce yourself (or what you do) to the group of your new connections.  A member of BostonYPA's leadership team will facilitate the event to make sure everything runs smoothly, and we will wrap up on time so you can get back to the office.

Lunches are high energy and jam packed with great conversations.  Everyone who attends knows how valuable sitting down with new faces (and reconnecting) is.  Gain new connections, find someone to collaborate with, form a partnership, hear about a new lead, or a new insight to help you.  You'll see why the table fills up so fast!

What's included:

Catered lunch including your choice of several options (Entree size salad, hearty sandwich, and more), and bottled beverage.
List of attendees names, their business, and preferred email address so you can connect at a later time
Private meeting space with phone chargers, a white board, lounge area, restrooms, and additional amenities

12pm: arrivals, and networking

12:15pm: fill your plate and grab a seat at the conference tables.  Once everyone is seated, we will take turns introducing ourselves and speaking for up to 60 seconds to the group.  This is your chance to tell others what you do, what you are looking for, or practice speaking in a group setting.

12:45: Once everyone has had a chance to introduce themselves, conversations can continue with those you are seated near, or move to the lounge seating to speak with someone one:one

1pm: It's time to go back to work!  Tell your new connections you will see them later, connect on LinkedIn or get their card, and have a great rest of your week.  

Register Here

Capacity is firmly limited to 25, advance RSVP is required.  We also run this lunch in Back Bay : https://networkinglunchforyoungprofessionals.eventbrite.com

Find more information regarding our meeting space here: http://brt.hr/BYPA (You can also receive a free hour of meetings space for yourself!)

Refund Requests: Our refund policy for this event will be a little different due to this event being catered and providing a full lunch for each attendee.  Should you need to cancel, please let us know 48 hours in advance to receive a refund.  When you purchase a ticket to this event, you are not only reserving a seat at the lunch, but also giving BostonYPA the responsibility of providing you with lunch. It is possible that late refund requests can be met, but we will not be able to unless we are able to find someone to take your seat.