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Networking Skills for Career Success: How to build lasting relationships!

You’ve met someone at an event, you had a great conversation and  you exchanged  business cards…now what?

Building  a relationship with someone you meet at a networking event and keeping the conversation going is a skill that can be learned.  Some people are natural relationship builders and  networking  is something they do with ease. Others find it daunting because they don’t always know what to say after the initial “hello, my name is.”

Networking is "building relationships with people you know who can connect you to people they know for information, advice and contacts.”  Building relationships is not telling everyone about you; it is listening and asking questions about them. The best networkers focus on others not themselves.

CareerEngage Founder and Senior Career Management Consultant for Keystone Associates,  Jayne Mattson developed a simple, but effective method  to ensure you make a positive first impression with those you meet throughout your career.

                     You…You…Me…You is what you need to remember!

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