• Central Wharf (map)
  • 160 Milk Street
  • Boston, MA
  • USa

Solve clues to find our favorite landmarks and places of interest in Boston.  Use those clues to check into locations, take a quick photo, or complete a quick challenge to win prizes; then join us at the after party!  This event is perfect for individuals or groups, friends or corporate bonding.  Register and let the fun begin!


Grand Prize:  $1000 CASH - to the team or individual with the most points

1st - 3rd prize, based on total points earned: Tickets, giftcards and giftbags from our sponsors and local Boston venues.

Instagram Challenges: visit a Boston landmark, post our favorite photo with the correct information to win additional prizes!  Winners announced at our after party! 


$30 General Admission. Registration will not be available at the door.

All tickets include commemorative pint glass, swag bags, and admission to our after party with food and fun provided.


The game:

  • Arrive at Central Wharf to check in and pick up your trivia packet between 12pm and 1pm.  (while you can pick it up later, the game starts at 1pm!)
  • Plan your day and CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE TO EARN POINTS.  However you want to explore Boston and learn about landmarks and trivia, there will be more than enough ways to earn points, and have a fun, memorable afternoon. Making additional purchases will not be requested to earn points. 
  • Return to Central Wharf at 4pm to be considered for a prize, collect your swag bag, then enjoy the after party!
  • Each trivia question will lead to a specific location, where you can earn points for the game by either checking in or taking a photo.
  • Some challenges will offer a bonus Instagram contest, where the best photo earns you an additional prize.
  • There will be bonus scavenger hunt clues that will be posted by @bostonypa, giving you the opportunity for more points.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram, twitter, and like our Facebook page! 
  • We will be tracking everyone's progress back at Central Wharf.  In order to be counted, everything posted on social media must include the hashtag #BYPAHunt
  • Enjoy the after party while we tally the numbers.  Plenty of food will be provided, as well as a slide show for your entertainment.  Cash bar, IDs will be checked by Central Wharf staff, you must be over 21 to consume alcoholic beverages.

Rules to make this FUN and FAIR:

  • Scavenger Hunt participants can pick up packets beginning at 12pm, point accumulation starts at 1pm, the game ends at 4pm.
  • Each person participating must be registered. This makes it fair, and ensures that no location runs out of supplies.  Anyone playing with an unregistered person will be disqualified.
  • Event will be held rain or shine.
  • Any questions can be emailed to events@bostonypa.com

Interested In playing as a team?  

Teams are a great way for friends to have fun together and for those that work together to have a fun team building activity.  Pairs and small groups can play together - everyone just needs to buy an ticket, and on game day get started together.  

If you are planning for a group and need help organizing:

Captains: purchase a ticket, and then email us the name your team. It could be the name of your company, something Bostonian, something humorous, anything you want, as long as it doesn't contain something inappropriate.  Within 24 hours, your team will be set up ( you will get a confirmation email from us), and you can instruct teammates to go to the registration page and purchase an "Individual" ticket.  There they will indicate "yes" to playing on a team, and select your team name from the drop down menu. 

Decide later that you want to play as a team? See below


Can I play on my own?  Absolutely. Just buy an individual ticket.

If I want to spend the day with friends, but not compete as a group, can I do that?  Of course.  You just need to all buy individual tickets. 

Can I join a team later after buying a ticket? Can we form a team after buying tickets?  Absolutely. Small groups can play together without formally organizing a team.  If you need help organizing, let us know the name of your group or team and we can help you keep track of sign ups.  

How many grand prizes are there? There is one grand prize.  It will be awarded to the individual or team with the most points.  Regardless of if an individual wins, a 2 person pair wins, a 3 person group wins, or a 10 person team wins, its the same prize.  We have tiebreakers ready to go.  Playing as a group doesn't mean you will have better odds, but it could mean you'll have more fun.

How do you decide who wins the Instagram challenges?  Our Board members will be watching throughout the day, and will share their opinion with our director of social media.  Photos will be judged on creativity, how great of a shot you capture, and accuracy of location. 

How old do I need to be to play?  BostonYPA is a community for those ages 21-40.  However we understand this event may attract students younger than our typical age group.  You must be 18 or older to play.

How do I include an item in your swag bags? Email events@bostonypa.com  Tell us about who you are and what you want to include. 

Sponsor inquires may be sent to events@bostonypa.com

Capacity is limited, event is held rain or shine