• Capital One Cafe - Seaport (map)
  • Seaport Boulevard
  • Boston, MA
  • United States

It's school picture day!  Executives, job seekers and students alike are busy people... This is why we offer headshots at Boston locations near your office while creating a fun experience in a relaxed environment. Our goal is to capture your natural smile in some great photos and then you're back to your day while we do the editing.

Step it up from the filtered camera photos - choose from multiple backgrounds and receive high resolution photos that are taken under photography lighting and can be retouched.  Photos are emailed directly to you.

What's included in your session:

  • We aim to get 5 shots you will like, and also a variety if desired - high res, angled, tight crop etc.

  • We send you the images by email within 48 hours. 

  • Photos are retouched if requested (cropping, removing blemishes, improving exposure). 

Background and layout options:

  • Gray Background - for traditional photos (shown above).  Great for your resume, LinkedIn or professional bio

  • Brick Wall - stand in front of a brick wall for a unique photo that is still professional

  • Table and Chairs - sit; solo or as a group

Registration Will Be Here


*I have a Business Membership - is this included? Yes!  Email us the names of your two employees and the time session they would like.  Additional employees can book here, or wait until next quarter when we do this again.

*I have a voucher from the Grad Studies Forum - how do I register? Use your unique promo code as payment to reserve your time.

*I need a group photo (of 2-4 people), how do I book this? Reserve 2 sessions. This will allow for enough time to move everyone (and the equipment) around for group shots and for multiple faces to be retouched.

*Is there a place to freshen up? Yep!  Please bring your own cosmetics and toiletries. 

*I’m running late, what do I do? Still come! We’ll help you as soon as we can. Of course, priority is given to those with reservations during that time.

*I signed up and didn't show up.  What are my options?  You're welcome to sign up for a future event, but unfortunately no shows are not refundable.  Your fee covers the cost of the equipment and other expenses which are paid for even if you don't show up.

*Can I bring a prop? Is there something about your business that will round out your photo?  As long as it isn't alcohol, alive, or hazardous in any way, it's ok to bring.  Email us to double check - our definition of hazardous may be different than yours!

*Define "retouching". We can minimize a blemish, but we cannot remove your beard.  We can fix a wrinkle, but we can't change your outfit.  We'll remove a mascara fleck, but we can't change the color of your eye shadow.  We'll adjust exposure, but it's up to you to add your favorite IG filter :)

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