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Are you starting a business? Thinking about becoming your own boss?

Attend our FREE seminar located in the heart of Cambridge, MA. to learn the 7 secrets to starting a successful business.

The presenter, Bob Adams, knows what he is talking about,..

Bob is a serial entrepreneur, business author and Harvard MBA. He published more than 16 business books, and has been featured on NBC’s Today show, The 700 Club, and Oprah! He currently runs the business website BusinessTown.com.

During the conference, you will discover the techniques Bob Adams used to start over a dozen businesses, including one he started with $1500 and sold for 40 million.


Here is what you will learn during the seminar:

- How to start your own business with little investment and experience

- How to start a highly profitable business quickly

- How to grow your startup into a multi million dollar company

- How to avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business

- How to develop a superior business model

- How to boost your sales using guerilla marketing

You will be able to participate in a Q&A session with Bob Adams and ask him any question you'd like about business.

Don't miss your chance to learn how to start a successful business from somebody that has done it successfully many, many times before.

Get your FREE ticket before they disappear!

(Refreshments will be served)


Event partners:

Representants of the SBA and BostonYPA will attend and mend info tables.